M4 Sport, Fightbox, Nova International, Digi Sport and CT Sport HD on Intelsat 10-02

The M4 Sport of the Danube Media sports channels which broadcast after a two-week promotional 2015 . July 18 started the sites. This channel can be seen in the 16 priority sports events of Hungarian and international sporting events, outstanding presentation of Hungarian athletes, competitions, tournaments brokerage. This includes self-produced programs as well. The M4 Sports roughly 10 hours of live provides daily sports coverage.

Currently, the announcer K?szegi Akos , who is the Duna World and the ( 2015 . March 15 before) Danube were also used to channel sound. At first the voice channel Sipos Szabo Barnabas , the Story4 former station was the Voice.

m4 sport

Intelsat 10-02 – Thor 5/6 @ 1° West

12723 V 26666 2/3

started these channels on above paramaters.

Fightbox, Nova International, Digi Sport 2 Slovakia, Digi Sport 3 Slovakia and CT Sport HD

12607 V 26666 2/3

M4 Sport has started on above mentioned paramaters.



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