List of channels using Biss encryption on Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 at 127.0°W

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Following information have received regarding the Biss encryption used on the satellite Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 at 127.0°W

Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate
4070 Horizontal 3257

MBC Drama HD
MBC America

About MBC America TV

Established in 1991, MBC AMERICA broadcasts, distributes, and sells MBC programs to North, Central, and South America. We serve as a medium to expand MBC’s business, as well as being a leading passageway to share the Korean Wave, Or HALLYU, in the United States.

In order to expand the Korean Wave and its businesses, MBC America provides exclusive MBC Programs to a diversified pool of viewers throughout the United States. Using various marketing strategies through mainstream media, we provide a vast array of programs online, through mobile applications, Smart TVs, and new media technology.

MBC America strives to share the Hallyu wave with viewers from all over the world to lead the global television market.

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