List of channels using Biss encryption on Express AM5/AT2 at 140.0°E

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Following information have received regarding the Biss encryption used on the satellite Express AM5/AT2 at 140.0°E

Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate
11530 Horizontal 22250

STS (+7h)
Domashniy (+7h)

About Domashniy TV Channel

Domashny or Domashniy is a TV Network which targets female viewers aged 25–60. It was launched in March 2005. Domashny was aimed to deliver programming to capture an attractive audience in demand by advertisers, but traditionally under-served by broadcasters.

CTC Media created the Domashny brand in 2005 from the ground up. Today, Domashny has a potential audience of 63 million people. In 2007, Domashny’s average audience share in its target demographic was 2.4%, compared to 1.7% in 2006.

Domashny Network in 2005 comprised four owned-and-operated stations. Today it has more than 230 affiliates, including 13 owned-and-operated stations.

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