KACE HD Advance Channel Editor and Loader

We are updating about Kace HD Se6 loader’s latest version which is released today. You can download this loader and language pack from here.

Language Pack 93.79 KB DOWNLOAD


Kace HD


Version Change Log:

KYNG HD Advanced Channel Editor

New in version SE6
1 – Add in update by internet list of removed or inactives channels.
2 – Better precision in the detection of transponder frequencies.
3 – Calculation in triple decimal and display to 2 decimal places.
4 – Customization of satellites and transponders lists.
5 – Maximum limit of drag@drop of items raised to 150.
6 – Automatic PCR correction of channels
7 – Many bugs corrected in update by external file.

New in version 5.02 / 5.02.1
1 – Upgrade for Atlas HD200 – Boot Dxxx & Boot Fxxx
2 – Add a button to validate before saving, the favorite lists.
3 – Bug on importing KCF file from version Dxx, corrected and fixed.

New in version 5.01
1 – Bug fixed for update by intenet for radio channels.
2 – Bug fixed for creating a list of satellites with the new names.
3 – Improved update options by importing external file.
4 – Deleting KCC file and embedding fields Country and Category in KCF file.
5 – Add option to mixing or not, the Country and Category parameters in the KCF file
6 – Optimization and Verification of data now automated.
7 – New internet update process. (Easier and faster)

New in version 5.00
1 – Removing popup ads during update by internet
2 – Automatic correction of WE flag “None” obtained with blind search.
3 – Added 2 sort options. By Country and by Category.Very useful to create lists of favorites by category.
4 – Added ability to keep duplicate channels on the same list of favorites.
5 – Other option “Display only new updated channels” in Global list.
6 – Removing function “Save as U2C file” (obsolete)
7 – Many editor settings are now saved.
8 – Contents of the log files (report of the update) more explicit.
9 – Others minor bugs fixed.

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