Inooro TV is a leading 24-hour Kikuyu TV station under the Royal Media Services group

The Kikuyu (also Akikûyu/Agikuyu/Gikuyu) is the largest ethnic group in Kenya. They speak the Bantu Kikuyu language. At a population of 6.6 million as of 2009, they account for close to 17% of the total population of Kenya.

The term Kikuyu is derived from the Swahili form of the self-designation Gĩkũyũ. Gĩkũyũ means “large sycamore (mũkũyũ) tree”, and Agĩkũyũ translates to “children of the huge sycamore”. The alternative name Nyũmba ya Mũmbi translates to House Of The Potter or Creator.