Satellite TV Updates

iLike TV started & Canale 158 left from Eutelsat 12

Eutelsat 12 West B @ 12.5° West

iLike TV started & Canale 158 left from

12638 H 13980 3/5

iLike TV

iLIKE.TV is proposed as network television theme dedicated to a young audience. Satellite transmissions are officially started on 9 January 2012 , even if the channel had spread in test mode (as it was for example Rai Test HD before becoming Rai HD ) as early as 20 December 2011 on a frequency ( Eutelsat 12 West to 12.5 ° W, DVB-S2 , 12718.00 H, SDTV , 36512 5/6) mode in free to air . Satellite frequency was stored by the TV platform Sky on channel 170 of its receivers.

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