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PowerVu is a conditional access system for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta. It is used for professional broadcasting, notably by Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and American Forces Network. It is also used by cable companies to prevent viewing by unauthorized viewers and non-cable subscribers. PowerVu has decoders that decode signals from certain satellites for cable distribution services. These decoders can also be used just like the FTA (Free-To-Air) satellite receivers if properly configured.

List Of Channels using PowerVU encryption on Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W

Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 3814 Horizontal 15000 Studio Universal Chile Universal TV América Latina Oeste Universal TV Chile Studio Universal Argentina Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 3845 Vertical 30000 Cinecanal Este FXM Este Cinecanal Chile FXM Chile Cinecanal Oeste Cinecanal Oeste FXM Oeste Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate …

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List Of Channels using PowerVU encryption on SES 14 at 47.5°W

SES 14 at 47.5°W Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 3965 R 10416 Pánico Cinema Platino Cine Mexicano (Mexico) Video Rola Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 4055 R 30000 Comedy Central Latinoamérica Sur Nickelodeon Brasil Nickelodeon Centro MTV Latino Norte MTV Latino Central MTV Latino Sud Nickelodeon Norte Nick Jr Latin America Nick …

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List Of Channels using PowerVU encryption on Thor 5/6/7 & Intelsat 10-02 at 0.8°W

Thor 5/6/7 & Intelsat 10-02 at 0.8°W Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 12303 Vertical 27500 Discovery Channel Hungary Discovery Channel Central Europe Discovery Historia DTX East Europe Discovery Showcase HD Animal Planet Europe Investigation Discovery Xtra Discovery Channel Polska DTX East Europe Discovery Science Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 12643 Vertical 28800 …

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List Of Channels using PowerVU encryption on Intelsat 19 at 166.0°E

Intelsat 19 at 166.0°E Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 3760 Vertical 30000 Animal Planet Taiwan TLC Taiwan Discovery Channel Taiwan TLC New Zealand Discovery Channel Philippines TLC Philippines Food Network New Zealand Living Channel (New Zealand) Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate 3900 Horizontal 30000 BBC World News Asia Pacific Frequency Polarity Symbole …

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Encompass (Fox Network) PowerVU Keys on 40.5°W

This package is called Encompass which is using PowerVU encryption. as Powervu is breaked due to it is available on static keys, complete satellite technical detail and powervu keys are mentioned here. SATELLITE: SES-6 @ 40.5° West 3803 R 30000 5/6 DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4 National Geographic Chile HD Fox CTA HD Fox …

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PowerVU Keys Collected For American Region Satellites

American Region Satellites

In this page we have posted powervu keys of American packages which are available on western satellites. PowerVU was broken from last few years after that satellite developers are finding powervu keys of all satellite channels packages which are using the same encryption. As powervu has broken now it looks …

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Colors TV and Sports 24 HD PowerVU Key

Colors TV and Sports 24 HD PowerVU Key, We have found a PowerVU key for NSS12 satellite on which 2 encrypted channels have opened. Colors TV is an indian drama/entertainment channel and Sports 24 HD is a famous sports channel. The same powervu key is valid for both channels, both …

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Measat 91E packages powervu keys

MEASAT-3 is a Malaysian communications satellite which was successfully launched on 11 December 2006 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. In March 2003, MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia ordered a Boeing 601HPsatellite, giving it the designation MEASAT-3 at that time. MEASAT-3 joined the existing Boeing-built MEASAT-1 and MEASAT-2 …

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CNN Philippines HD working PowerVU key

CNN Philippines HD is available on satellite Measat located @ 91east, this channels is using PowerVU encryption,  Cable News Network (CNN) is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. It was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor …

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Discovery Network Europe Powervu keys

Discovery Networks Europe is a subsidiary of American Discovery Networks International. The network was established in 1989 with its headquarters based in London and New York. As of February 2011 Discovery Networks Europe comprises two different branches: Discovery Networks Western Europe and Discovery Networks CEEMEA. The networks main headquarters are …

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Discovery Network powervu keys on 4.8E and 0.8W

Discovery Channel (formerly The Discovery Channel from 1985 to 1995, and often referred to as simply Discovery) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel (which is also delivered via IPTV, terrestrial television and internet television in other parts of the world) that is the flagship television property of …

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