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Elhiwar Ettounsi has started on Eutelsat 25B

Eutelsat 25B / Es’hail-1 @ 25.5° East

Elhiwar Ettounsi has started on

11142 V 27500 3/4

El Hiwar El Tounsi is an Arabic-dialect TV station in Tunisia. In March 2015 it was the most broadly sat in front of the TV slot in Tunisia, with a 26.7% piece of the overall industry.

The station was propelled in 2003 by Tahar Ben Hassin, a left-wing émigré in Paris, as an unlicensed satellite station broadcasting political projects contradicted to the Ben Ali administration. After the Tunisian Revolution the station moved to the Manouba suburb of Tunis, changing to advanced earthbound communicate and progressively turning into a standard TV slot. In 2014 the originator sold the channel to a gathering of financial specialists headed by Asma Fehri.

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