Discovery network asia pacific PowerVU Keys Intelsat 19@166E

A Discovery Network (DN) is a community that can include commercial, academic, governmental and independent entities collaborating and coordinating their efforts to enrich society with new material goods and services, and extracting some value from doing so. The DN can also be viewed as a fully integrated structure, taking in, producing, and processing data, information, and knowledge, to produce goods and services for the global market. This community is organized around the DN core, which provides structure, support, leadership, and acts as the keeper of its culture. The ultimate goal of the DN core is to create and maintain a generative environment where synergistic relations between its members are nourished, leading to new ideas and their applications.

discovery asia-pacific

The term “Discovery Network” was coined by Tiberius Brastaviceanu in 2008, in his work on collaborative networks published for the Multitude Project. The first Discovery Network project was created in June 2010 around the Matchmaking Device System, a consumer electronics product invented by Tiberius Brastaviceanu in October 2006.

Note satellite technical detail including with channels details and powervu keys.

Intelsat 19 @ 166.0 °E
4180 V 30000
ABS-CBN Sports+Action
Jeepney TV
Metro Channel
Cinema 1 Philippines
Myx Philippines
K Channel (Philippines)
DZMM TeleRadyo
O Shopping
ABS-CBN Sports+Action
Cine Mo!
K Channel (Philippines)
DZMM TeleRadyo
ABS-CBN promo
ABS-CBN promo
Movie Central promo
DBS TV promo
DBS TV promo
DBS TV promo
MOR FM Dagupan
DZMM Radyo Patrol 630
P 0000 00 ADE629F0EF4690
P 0000 01 2D042556ED514D
Intelsat 19 @ 166.0 °E
4040 V 30000
P 0000 00 6DC455E8F1FA1E
P 0000 00 A4A2C4DE780438


Discovery Science Southeast Asia
DMAX Southeast Asia
Animal Planet Southeast Asia
Discovery Channel Southeast Asia
TLC Southeast Asia
Discovery Channel Taiwan
Discovery Kids Philippines


Intelsat 19 @ 166.0 °E
4080 V 30000
PP 0000 00 8EEF5234F18ACB ;Next
P 0000 01 04F16A7C6563B5 ;Active


Discovery Channel Malaysia
Discovery Channel Japan
Discovery Channel China Hotels
Animal Planet Japan
Discovery Turbo Australia
[test card]
Discovery HD World Southeast Asia
TLC Malaysia


Intelsat 19 @ 166.0 °E
3980 V 30000
P 0000 00 EA1F9FB8D3BEFB ;Next
P 0000 01 75A272EBF4F069 ;Active
Discovery Kids Southeast Asia
Discovery Channel New Zealand
Animal Planet Australia
Discovery Turbo New Zealand
Animal Planet New Zealand
Discovery Science Australia & New Zealand
TLC Australia
Discovery Kids Australia & New Zealand
Eurosport 1 Asia
Eurosport News


Intelsat 19 @ 166.0 °E
3760 V 30000
P 0000 00 EA1F9FB8D3BEFB ;Next
P 0000 01 75A272EBF4F069 ;Active
(Discovery Channel China feeds)
[test card]
Animal Planet Taiwan
TLC Taiwan
TLC New Zealand
Discovery Channel Philippines
TLC Philippines




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