Corona (Covid-19) Virus Data of Oceania

it seems unlikely that every single one of these countries remains free of the virus. Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are surrounded by countries with many cases of the virus, especially China and Iran of course. Lesotho and South Sudan are also in similar positions in Africa. It is likely that Yemen, a war-torn country, and North Korea, a secretive country, both have cases that have gone unreported. The rest of the countries, predominantly, are island nations in Oceania. This makes them the original self-isolators and so it is fairly easy for them to cut themselves off from other countries. However, how indefinitely they will be able to isolate themselves is difficult to say, but these same countries also have some of the lowest visitors per year in the world, such as Nauru, which is the least visited country in the world according to the UN. Only time will tell how long any of these countries will go COVID-19 free.