Corona (Covid-19) Virus Data of Asia

Honestly I believe its being overhyped on the 24 hour news cycle. The average yearly run of the mill flu kills more people then have died from this new virus, and yet it doesn’t get the scare tactics and the mass hysteria that’s developing.


Is it of concern? Yes. Is it the apocalypse? No.

Wash your hands, stay away from sick people, if someone is coughing in a confined space such as an elevator or plane only breath through your nose…it helps to filter out some of the viruses. If you make sure you get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids I believe a huge percentage of the people who may end up coming in contact with this virus will survive just fine.

The ones who are at most risk are the same as for any other virus, the elderly, the very young, and those with a compromised immune system. Btw, “compromised immune system” doesn’t really mean just someone with AIDS or cancer, it also means someone who has recently recovered from a severe illness and hasn’t had a chance for their immune system to build back up its defenses. So if you have an organ transplant, pneumonia, mono, or the regular flu recently and you then get exposed to this new virus, that would put you in the compromised immune system category and at a higher risk for developing more complications.

Edit to add a pic, which I can’t do in the comments- This is an example of what people with poor understanding of how diseases are spread deal with the fear this virus is causing. This homemade “facemask” will do nothing to prevent infection unless you literally were preventing another person from directly spitting on your face or sneezing on you.

The death toll is at 2% of those infected. I stand by my answer that well educated, vaccinated, healthy individuals with normal immune systems in developed countries with a right to Emergency care have little to fear from this disease.