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Doctors, nurses, scientists, police, and a celeb democrat, speak out; Dr. Zach Bush reveals why #Covid-19 is here, and how we come out of this a better people.

#Coronavirus #Health #Immunity #ZachBushMD

By The HighWire with Del Bigtree on 2020-05-07 21:10:51. Duration 2:26:57


  1. Great show finally a news show I trust.

  2. What I want to see is more Black folks at these rallies? It was our free labor, blood, sweat and tears, along with our patriotism that built this great nation. We have fought in every war, coming home to be hung from trees. We are the only group that has never committed treason in any way against this country. We have never waged war against this country and have stayed true to this country despite our treatment in it! Black folks become a part of these rallies in a big way and let your voices be heard, proud and strong as Foundational Black Americans!!!!

  3. no light without fight

  4. Awakening in Germany too. It is the same gamplay like all over the world. Let's kick them in their balls side by side. Our constitution in Germany is heavily under attac. Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, Rockerfeller etc. have to pay with their complete wealth for what they did. They won't stop otherwise.

  5. A great video and I especially loved the Dr Zach Bush, MD interview. The spiritual finale to it was fabulous. It matches everything I know to be true. As I include in my books.

  6. Thank you so much for showing us the inspiration, hope and love that can come out of this 'birth pains' experience we are going through right now! May we rise up to create a better life for all

  7. Beautiful and courageous words Dr. Bush

  8. Del at the very end I was still going hmmm,what you said about us needing something greater told me to at least keep listening. The Dr spoke of birth pangs, Jesus said in Matthew that what we are currently experiencing are the beginning of the birth pangs,this is only the start. It will get worse,much worse and with the long awaited war of Armageddon, Jesus as his Fathers King will remove all wicked humans and the source of wickedness,the Bible says a great crowd will survive this battle to live on earth. Yes earth the place made just for us,the place we are made from, obedient,loving humans were promised a life in a perfect world in perfect bodies,forever. Read your Bible, I'm a bit older than you,traveled all over,studied most religions,Islam not as much as Christian,Asian etc,I've read the bible, I try to read daily,I pray quite alot or try to stay in a prayful state. What I said above is the only thing that makes sense. We were called the "families of the ground", God created all heavenly spirit persons,he also created us for the jewel he created for us,does it make sense that he would take us from our loved ones and give us a spirit life as what an angel? Only a third of the angels followed Satan in his rebellion, if he wants or needs more angels he certainly can create them. No we were made with the love for our earthly home and "we know love because God is love" how loving would it be to take someone we love from us? Not at all, unfortunately,the god of the current system (Satan) the one who those who is worshipped by our persecutors has challenged God's right to rule. That can't be fixed by just starting over or exterminating the evil one, many heavenly sons and earthly sons and daughters are and have been watching Satan do his best to rule-look what we have. Only when every knee bends,(or refuses) can it be said without any doubt that only the Creator has not only the right but the ability to rule. As He is the only one that can and will fix each and every injustice,every single problem with Satan's rule by humans. Indeed,the scripture says "it does not belong to earthling man to direct his own step",and very clearly Satan's direction over human rulers hasn't been good for anyone,even the 1% as they are as insane and evil as their master and will lose their lives. Those who are loyal and obedient to God will have perfect lives in a perfect world- Revalation 21:3&4. Read the rest is there too, I've checked all Bible translations. Pray for direction,pray to "the hearer of prayers". The only reason I took the time and went on was if your words are real,then your heart is looking for truth.

  9. Ferguson, Fauci, Gates need to be institutionalized in a mental asylum immediately

  10. ZB what can we do to to increase the 02 level in the blood??

  11. We need to get Bill Gates and have a necktie party with his sidekick Dr Falsie as his partner in crime. Evil Monsters.

  12. Bill Maher is a cuck asshole.

  13. the establishment government is so corrupt it's set up to do the wrong things for money. I am fortunate to finally have found you Dell!!!!!!!

  14. I think the media has replaced impeachment with virus.

  15. I want to know HOW MANY GOT THEIR FLU SHOT!

  16. 45:15 Nurse brought into NY hospitals

  17. 21:25 Bill Maher

    Content should be earmarked as such for those who don't have 2+ hours.

  18. Zach
    one of the most common sence and science based broadcasts I have heard around the issue of the covid virus
    agreed and increadable dialog

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