CNBC Africa Tandberg Key on Intelsat 20

CNBC Africa, earlier it was using Powervu encryption but now it is available on Tandberg Key. Here is its satellite technical and key detail.

Satellite: Intelsat 20 @ 68.5 East

Transponder detail:

4064 H 19850 7/8

Tandberg Key Index: 01

Tandeberg Key:  5FDB06AA1364E500

01  B7 2D 85 83 E9 4A 5E


About CNBC Africa: CNBC Africa is an African television network for Sub-Saharan Africa. It was launched by CNBC and Africa Business News (Pty) LTD on June 1, 2007. CNBC Africa is headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The channel features programmes and updates from CNBC Europe, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the US and other CNBC affiliates around the world.

For the launch of the channel on June 1, 2007, CNBC Africa broadcast a 1-hour interview with the then president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki.


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