Bol network added Bol news punjabi

Bol network has stopped the transmission of Bol news english which was last number of channel on Bol’s transponder located at Paksat 1R. They have started another regional channel which is in punjabi language and absolutely it is Bol News Punjabi, since they promissed to launch their channel Bol news in all languages including punjabi, brahiwi, saraiki, russian, chinese, kashmiri and others.

Currently following Bol TV channels are available on Paksat 1R satellite.

Bol News Urdu Pak News
Bol News Sindhi
Bol News Balochi
Bol News Pashto
Bol News Punjabi

Pak news having totally different style and type of programs than Bol news urdu.

bol network

Note the technical detail of Bol network on Paksat 1R @ 38e

3786 H 29500 3/5

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