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Tandberg Keys

Tandberg keys for RCN SD/RCN Novelas @ SES 6 40.5w

58 W C
ID: MAN CITY V Huddersfield
TP_4107 V 7500
MPEG 4 HD 4.2.0
Comment: FA Cup : MAN CITY V Huddersfield
T 835 01 9BFD06BADED4DD00


RCN SD/RCN Novelas @ SES 6 40.5w

T 0008 01 2A915D91C8321F01 ; 03_NTN24_International(40.5°W_4028_H)

00 02 B0 25 03 20 C5 00 00 FF FF F0 0B 0E 03 C0 C5 91

[09 04 10 10 E3 87} CA descriptor 09,lenght,CA ID,ECM pid

06 F0 00 F0 08 52 01 01 0E 03 C0 C5 44 89 2D AE D1

T 000B 01 E326D5857C3B6401
rcn tv

RCN Televisión (Radio Cadena Nacional) is a Colombian private television network. It started as a production company programadora in 1967. Since 1998 it became a network by acquiring one of the two licenses granted by the Colombian government (the other Colombian private TV network is Caracol TV).

RCN reaches 97% of the Colombian population through 13 stations. Its main shareholder is Carlos Ardila Lülle. It produced Yo soy Betty, la fea, one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas.

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