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Sony Pictures India PowerVU Keys on Asiasat 7

Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company (previously known as SET India Pvt. Ltd and then Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd.) which handles Sony Pictures’ diversified interests in India. Initially, the corporation was formed only to run its television broadcasting business but since then has expanded with the time to overlook the other businesses of its parent which were established as separate units earlier. The group now includes a motion pictures corporation (MSM Motion Pictures), television distribution business (MSM Media Distribution) and digital entertainment business which operates the OTT service Sony LIV, apart from the flagship umbrella corporation which undertakes its flagship television broadcasting business under its chief ‘Sony’ brand as well as independent brands i.e. AXN and Animax which includes 45 SD channels, 20 HD channels, 1 SD channels and 32 Upcoming HD channels (as of 18 January 2016). As with any other subsidiary of multi-national media corporation, SPN has been seen using its platform of various TV channels to promote the sister concerns Sony Pictures India’s mega-releases from Hollywood and bigger musical “bets” from Sony Music India.

Satellite technical information and PowerVU Keys.

Sony Pictures India

Serie A: Juventus vs Fiorentina
?Asiasat 7 (105.5°E)
?4180 V 30000 (MPEG4??/PowerVu)
?00= 11 37 54 C6 C0 CE E1
?01= 09 10 92 7B E3 F5 CF
ASIASAT 7 (105.5°E)
4180 V 30000 3/4(DVBS2/8PSK)
P 0015 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Wah (105.5°E)
P 0015 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Wah (105.5°E)
P 0016 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Pix South Asia (105.5°E)
P 0016 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Pix South Asia (105.5°E)
P 0017 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony BBC Earth (105.5°E)
P 0017 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony BBC Earth (105.5°E)
P 0018 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Yay! test (105.5°E)
P 0018 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Yay! test (105.5°E)
P 0047 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Le Plex (105.5°E)
P 0047 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Le Plex (105.5°E)
P 0048 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony SAB TV (105.5°E)
P 0048 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony SAB TV (105.5°E)
P 0049 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony BBC Earth (105.5°E)
P 0049 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony BBC Earth (105.5°E)
P 004A 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Rox (105.5°E)
P 004A 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Rox (105.5°E)
P 004B 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Ten 1 HD (105.5°E)
P 004B 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Ten 1 HD (105.5°E)
P 004C 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Ten Golf HD (105.5°E)
P 004C 01 0910927BE3F5CF ;Sony Ten Golf HD (105.5°E)

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