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Sony India Package PowerVU Keys on Intelsat 17 @ 66 E

Sony Entertainment Television or SET, is a Hindi-language based general entertainment television channel in the Indian subcontinent. It was launched in October 1995 and is owned by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. (formerly MSM), a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The network carried C.I.D. and Kaun Banega Crorepati. Sony Entertainment Television unveiled its brand refresh, complete with a new logo and brand identity, and changed its logo on its 21st anniversary while premiering The Kapil Sharma Show on 19 November 2016.

sony entertainment tv

Satellite technical details and PowerVU keys.

Intelsat 17 @ 66 E
3845 H 30000

Sony Pix HD, SET Asia, SET Middle East, Sony Max HD, Sony Max UK, Max ME, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN HD

Intelsat 17 @ 66E
3847 H 30000
P 0002 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;SET Internanional (66.0°E)
P 0002 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;SET Internanional (66.0°E)
P 0005 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;SET Middle East (66.0°E)
P 0005 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;SET Middle East (66.0°E)
P 0006 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony Max Internanional (66.0°E)
P 0006 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony Max Internanional (66.0°E)
P 0007 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony Max UK (66.0°E)
P 0007 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony Max UK (66.0°E)
P 0009 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony SAB TV Internanional (66.0°E)
P 0009 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony SAB TV Internanional (66.0°E)
P 00A0 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony Max Middle East (66.0°E)
P 00A0 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony Max Middle East (66.0°E)
P 0032 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony Six HD (66.0°E)
P 0032 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony Six HD (66.0°E)
P 0033 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;SET Asia HD (66.0°E)
P 0033 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;SET Asia HD (66.0°E)
P 0034 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony Pix HD (66.0°E)
P 0034 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony Pix HD (66.0°E)
P 0035 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;AXN South Asia HD (66.0°E)
P 0035 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;AXN South Asia HD (66.0°E)
P 0036 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony Max HD (66.0°E)
P 0036 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony Max HD (66.0°E)
P 0037 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony ESPN HD (66.0°E)
P 0037 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony ESPN HD (66.0°E)
P 009B 00 1C763AE4B6B28E ;Sony ESPN HD Tamil (66.0°E)
P 009B 01 2B9C4DA0250C26 ;Sony ESPN HD Tamil (66.0°E)


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