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Naynawa Alghad TV Biss

Here in this post we are sharing with you Biss key of Naynawa Alghad TV which available on Eutelsat 12 West B @ 12.5W.

Eutelsat 36 West A is a Satellite of Eutelsat SA (formerly European Telecommunications Satellite Organization ) ( Eutelsat ), headquartered in Paris.

The satellite was in 2002 under the name Atlantic Bird 1 started. As Eutelsat 1 March 2012 changed the designation system of satellites, he received according to its orbital position the name EUTELSAT 12 West A. the beginning he was at 12.5 ° West by Eutelsat 12 West B detached and 36.4 ° West Moved. His name was adapted accordingly.

Now note the technical paramaters and biss key.

Satellite : Eutelsat 12 West B @ 12.5W
Channel : Naynawa Alghad TV
TP : 12750 V 2666 7/8 DVB-S/MPEG-2/SD/4:2:0
SID : 2

CW: 00 93 62 F5 00 93 62 F5

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