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Fox Sports PowerVU Keys on Intelsat 15

Fox Sports is the programming division of the Fox Broadcasting Company, owned by 21st Century Fox, that is responsible for sports broadcasts on the network, and its dedicated regional and national sports cable channels. The flagship entity of 21st Century Fox’s Fox Sports Media Group division, it was formed in 1994 with Fox’s acquisition of broadcast rights to National Football League (NFL) games. In subsequent years, it has televised the National Hockey League (1994–1999), Major League Baseball (1996–present), NASCAR (2001–present), Bowl Championship Series (2007–2010), the USGA Championships (2015–present), NHRA (2016–present) and the FIFA World Cup (starting in 2015).

fox sports

Satellite technical information and PowerVU Keys.

 Fox Sports 

 Intelsat 15 (55.0W) 
 4015 H 30000 MPEG-4 HD 
 PowerVU key 
 00. 33 BB EA F7 34 BE 12 FF ACTIVE
 01.  E8 F3 B1 0B AD 65 53 FF
P 0BE5 00 DB01900E830AB1 ; Fox Sports Chile HD, Fox, FX Arg.
P 0BE5 01 E8F3B10BAD6553 ; Nat Geo Argentina HD 4015H 30000

P 0BE5 00 6264CC3B253457 ; Fox Sports Chile HD
P 0BE5 01 5FE88149A90F3D ; Nat Geo Arg.HD 4015H 30000 Novas

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