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Tandberg Keys

Fox Network Tandberg Keys (new update 24 May 2017)

Fox Networks Group is 21st Century Fox’s essential working unit for TV and Cable. It creates and disperses 300+ amusement, sports, authentic and film stations in 45 dialects crosswise over Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, utilizing a few brands, including Fox, STAR India, Fox Sports, Fox Life, National Geographic Channel, Fox Movies Premium, STAR Movies, Baby TV, Star Plus, and STAR Gold. Their non-direct brands are Fox Play, Fox Play+ and Nat Geo Play. These brands reach more than 1.725 billion family units around the globe.

fox network group
Turksat 42°E (East Beam)
12461 H 20800  3/4T 26B7 01 7FF226292A311F01 ; 13105-FOX_CRIME_HD 0AC3
T 26B8 01 209E5B3D31A76801 ; 13106-NAT_GEO_HD 0AC4
T 26B9 01 F12A5E5EEA751601 ; 13107-FX_HD 0AC5

T 26BA 01 4F73A20D891F9701 13108 NAT_GEO PEOPLE HD 0A
T 26BB 01 F815FDD5C81A7F01 13109 24KTTCHEN HD 0AC7
T 26BC 01 57433BE33831E301 13110 FOX LIFE HD 0AC8
T 26BD 01 E52A2CBA73C84001 13111 NAT GEO WILD HD 0AC9
T 2619 01 1A57DC94F452B301 13112 FOX SPORTS HD 0ACCA

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