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CNN Philippines HD working PowerVU key

CNN Philippines HD is available on satellite Measat located @ 91east, this channels is using PowerVU encryption,  Cable News Network (CNN) is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. It was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner as a 24-hour cable news channel. Upon its launch, CNN was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage, and was the first all-news television channel in the United States.

CNN Philippines HD

First of all note satellite technical paramatares of CNN Philippines HD.

4004 V 5000 3/4
tp 15C
Global 37-42
Encryption: PowerVu
8PSK 9 – 110


and here its working PowerVU key.

[2017.10.19 16:50:56.771] 
P 0000 00 D1D9CB48879633

ECM Key0 

[Valid, EMM_PID_005A_CNN-PH-HD_10_19_2017-12-14-37-PM.bin]
[2017.10.19 16:50:56.771] 
P 0000 01 ED2055F93630A2

ECM Key1 

[Valid, EMM_PID_005A_CNN-PH-HD_10_19_2017-12-14-37-PM.bin]
[2017.10.19 16:50:56.771]




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