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Citizen TV – Live On Youtube


Citizen TV is a national station in Kenya owned by Royal Media Services Ltd and broadcasting mostly in English and Swahili. It was started in 1999 and relaunched in June 2006. It is Kenya’s fastest growing television station with a strong focus on local programming.

This stream is available on Youtube

Citizen TV boasts a total reach of 45% of the market share (Ipsos Karf Report 2014) and 12 years in existence as the pioneer brand for Royal Media Services Ltd Footprint with the largest coverage and reach country wide. It covers all socioeconomic grouping, speaking to all ages and all genders.

The success of Citizen TV paved way to the growth of Royal Media Services Ltd in 2003 through allocation of countrywide frequencies for radio streaming. The company currently has the widest geographical reach as the parent company for several leading national and vernacular stations namely:

Radio Citizen – Swahili
Hot96 FM – English
Inooro FM – Gikuyu
Ramogi FM – Dholuo
Egesa FM – Ekegusii
Mulembe FM – Luhya
Musyi FM – Kamba
Muuga FM – Meru
Chamgei FM – Kalenjin
Bahari FM – Swahili
Sulwe FM – Bukusu
Vuuka FM – Maragoli
Wimwaro FM – Embu
Radio Maa – Maasai

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